FREE Design & Quote

We come to you to assess the workplace environment and determine the best indoor plant solution for your business. You are involved from the very start with our collaborative approach to develop a creative and innovative interior plantscape design to meet your specific needs. Your unique design is created via an interactive process utilising our digital design application. You will see your design created right before eyes! We take photos of key locations at your workplace and incorporate them into the design. Even before the design visit is over you will have an obligation free design proposal providing a beautiful indoor plant solution for your workplace.

Professional Installation Service 

Our service caters for installations of every size from just a couple of plants to hundreds of plants. Our team manage the project to meet every customer requirement and ensure a seamless installation with no noise, disturbance or mess. The project plan incorporates all Work Health Safety and other relevant logistical considerations to maximize efficiency and compliance.  

Complete Maintenance Program

The Green Inspiration Maintenance team is a highly trained group of “Plant Lovers” who love what they do! We have a large percentage of horticulturalists in the team and all are experienced in the specific maintenance requirements of indoor plants. Our program includes regular visits, weekly/fortnightly/3 weekly depending on the specific customer and plant requirements. At Green Inspiration we pride ourselves on our high level of service and replacement of plants before you notice. The Complete Maintenance Program is the most thorough in the ACT and our “Plant Lovers” are fully trained and equipped to handle every situation. Many providers under service indoor plants by carrying only a watering can, secateurs and rag leading to pest and other plant problems. Our equipment is extensive (photo) such that immediate action is taken for any situation.  

Extra Service for Larger Customers

Do you find it difficult to manage the contractors that service your organization? Is it time consuming to make sure that the services you are paying for are actually being provided? If so Green Inspiration have the answer with our unique monthly reporting system! Every month you will be emailed a summary of our service and the major tasks performed, what an inspiration! Also, we have the most detailed and accurate recording process in the industry. Every plant maintained by Green Inspiration has a code and is individually recorded at every service. Not only will you have an excellent quality maintenance service every fortnight, we will audit the plants at the same time! No longer will plants go missing and not be found for months, or plants get missed from getting water!! Every time we water your plants our system ensures that every plant will get attention and receives the specific service it needs.

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