Become Inspired With Green Inspiration 


Detailed account of design process including providing free digital design image with every proposal.


Detailed account of installation process: project management process; no noise, disturbance or mess!

Long Term Hire 

Hire process and monthly fee, contractual arrangement, no fuss. 

Short Term / Event Hire

Hire details- Coming soon!


Detailed account of maintenance program including the experience of horticultural team, credentials, regular visits and replacement of plants before you notice.

Green Wall / Vertical Garden Installation & Maintenance

We provide the full green wall experience from design to installation to maintenance, and have the experience to make it successful.

Your Solution to A Greener Work Environment 

Indoor Plant Hire & Maintenance
Green Wall Construction & Maintenance
Event Hire


Small Office: 4 x Medium Floor Plants 1.5m; 1 x Desk Bowl = $17.30/week
Impact: 3 x Large Floor Plants 1.5m; 1 x Large Floor Plant in Tall Planter 2m; 1 x Desk Plant with Seasonal Colour = $23/week
Premium: 1 x Mobile Green Wall; 1 x Large Floor Plant 1.5m; 4 x Medium Floor Plants 1.5m; 1 x Desk Bowl with Seasonal Colour; 3 x Desk Plants = $45/week

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