Don't DIY Your Plants

What is the benefit of hiring plants? Why don’t we just buy them and look after them ourselves? It would be cheaper right? WRONG! If you are contemplating this approach you must read the following article before going ahead. 

A case study from Hort Journal shows an example of why purchasing and DIY maintenance is a bad idea! Essentially, you will be creating a whole lot of problems for your business if you DIY indoor plants.

If you decide to DIY indoor plants in your office it is highly likely you will experience pest problems, water leaking problems, odour problems, dusty and unhealthy plants which will not improve your indoor environment, they will make it much worse. Also on top of all these problems the cost of fixing them will be much more expensive than hiring the plants in the first place. 

Equally, if you need professional legal advice, use a lawyer and if you need a quality indoor plant service, use a professional interior plantscaper.

Pick the easy option: Green Inspiration can do it all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per person a week in your workplace! How often is a business decision this easy?

Cost vs. Benefit

Studies have shown that indoor plants in a workplace can increase productivity by up to 12%* And as our spreadsheet illustrates only a 1% improvement in work performance is required to well and truly pay for the annual cost of indoor plant hire and maintenance.  Deciding to hire indoor plants from Green Inspiration will be the easiest decision you make for your business! The CFO will like the financial benefit and your team will love the plants, we guarantee it!

See file on Google Sheets "Plants Pay for Themselves"

*Lohr VI et al.,1996, Interior plants may improve worker productivity by 12% and reduce stress in a windowless environment, Environ. Hort., 14:2, 97-100.

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