Give Your Team a Green View, and Feel the Benefits

Believe it or not, indoor plants improve your work environment and your health. Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, yes it’s amazing! This is due partly to the lack of outdoor air circulation and substances released into the air from printers, copiers, paint and other materials. Indoor plants are natural air filters and are able to remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide and excess carbon dioxide. They also improve dry air conditioned offices by increasing humidity and reducing noise; plants are truly a natural wonder!

If you have good indoor air quality at home, but not so much at work, you’ll certainly feel the effects: headaches, irritated eyes, sneezing, dry throat, coughing, fatigue and other symptoms. If you are looking for a natural, cost-effective solution to improving your indoor air quality at work, consider adding plants throughout the office… no really!

Indoor Plants Make All the Difference

You probably understand that indoor plants are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. However, did you know that international scientific research, over more than two decades, has proven that indoor plants have substantial health and productivity benefits! These include:

  • Improve well-being to reduce sick leave from 30%-60% 
  • Reduce stress by 50% 
  • Reduce fatigue by 38% 
  • Improve concentration by 23% and positivity by 65% 
  • Improve overall productivity by 12%  

Imagine what a 12% improvement in productivity would do for your business! I am sure the CEO and CFO would like that!

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