Make your Walls Pop with Greenery

Make the inside of your business stand out with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Greenwall from floor to ceiling. We can cover the entire wall with lush greenery, or install plants on parts of the wall arranged in layers. You name it, and we can do it! We’ll combine your ideas and ours to transform your workplace into a stunning green environment.

At Green Inspiration we provide the full range of Greenwall services from design, construction and installation to complete maintenance programs and we have the experience to know how to make them successful.

Greenwalls / Vertical Gardens

Wall Planters
Woolly Pockets
Live Picture
Mobile Greenwalls
Custom Greenwalls

Greenwall Maintenance

We know that it’s one thing to have greenwalls installed throughout your workplace, and it’s another thing to actually maintain them. Rest assured, the Plant Lovers of Green Inspiration will provide the maintenance your greenwalls need to ensure they stay healthy, lush and hydrated.

For greenwall installation and maintenance services, contact us today!

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